Leading Saints LIVE
with Jason Hunt, PhD

Join us for this live event in Idaho Falls

November 7, 2020 
1:00-3:00 PM
at the Paramount Triplex Theatre
2085 Niagara St, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

(Or Watch the Live Stream Online from Anywhere in the World)

Remember Jason's interview on the Leading Saints podcast?

Jason Hunt's interview on the Leading Saints podcast is now the 3rd most downloaded episode. He discussed the impact on moral theories on church leadership, or in other words, why do some leaders lead strictly "by the book" and others are more open to bending to individual needs? Should one lead by the spirit of the law of the letter of the law?

There was so much information packed into one episode that we needed more time to let Jason unpack this knowledge. At this live event he will attempt to do so and work with those in the audience (both in-person and online) to answer questions to better understand how we can better understand those we lead. 

Join us at this event as we learn...

  • Why do some transgressions need the help of a bishop and others don't?
  • ​How can we better understand the leader's role in the repentance process?
  • How to better understand those you lead by understanding the 4 moral theories
  • What brain development science teaches us about repentance and succeeding in the gospel
  • ​Why does the repentance process vary from one individual to another?
  • ​How can we shepherd young people when they perceive so much hypocrisy from church leaders?
What You Will Learn At This Event:

How our mindsets shape the type and quality of the revelations we receive

As leaders, we all strive to prepare for revelatory experiences by praying, inviting the Spirit, and creating safety in our council meetings. However, if we don’t consider what mindset we are approaching the meeting with, inspiration will be more difficult to receive. We need to be Sister Grow rather than Brother Fix.

Deeper awareness of who you are and your leadership style

You might think you are self-aware of your leadership style, but have you ever wondered why those you lead never really understand where you are coming from? Or how can you tell if people enjoy following you as the leader or if they are simply trying to comply and be obedient?

How to become more emotionally intelligent to better love and serve others

Emotional intelligence is an ability that some leaders have and others need to work on. Being connected to the emotional signals in your leadership role is crucial to motivating others and helping them engage in the organization. In order to do this, we must start with mindsets.


Jason Hunt, PhD., has a PhD in endocrine physiology and teaches pre-med classes at Brigham Young University-Idaho. He is currently serving as a young single adult bishop and has previously served in a stake presidency and a bishopric. His interview is one of the most downloaded episodes of the Leading Saints Podcast.